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Vision Statement

We at OurSeniors.org are dedicated to taking care of all the needs of our older generation.  We provide a quarterly magazine as well as a family of websites relaying timely information to our seniors on the topics that matter most. Approved vendors services are advertised and valuable coupons are provided to pass savings onto you. OurSeniors.net provides an expanding directory of approved vendors who have undergone a screening process to ensure their integrity, reliability, and dedication to our seniors, as well as ongoing events to engage, encourage, entertain, and educate our seniors on issues that matter most.  OurSeniors.net is also home to online access to our quarterly OurSeniors.net Magazine as well as pickup locations for the physical magazine serving our seniors all over Florida. Families concerned with the well-being of their seniors have options available to them with a little coordination.  Everyone should openly discuss with one another what skills each can bring to the table in regard to helping their elders with daily activities and write down the older adult’s schedule to decide who is able to contribute any time and assistance.  If there is not adequate time in the family’s schedule, discuss the possibility of having a caregiver visit the elderly family member.  Also, plan out a rotation of visitation and make an increased effort of making more frequent contact to bring their spirits up and to make sure everything is all right.  Family should encourage their seniors to get involved in community activities and help them make arrangements to participate if they are receptive to the idea.  A little more interaction and socialization goes a long way.