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OurSeniors.Net strives to produce the very best senior magazine you can find anywhere! A great senior magazine or senior living magazine is one that caters to the unique interests and needs of older adults. Good magazines for older adults provide a wealth of information, entertainment, and resources to enhance their lives. Here are some of the key aspects that we think makes a senior magazine or retirement magazine exceptional:


A great senior magazine stays connected to readers by covering topics that matter to them. It focuses on current events, health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, and other subjects that resonate with seniors. OurSeniors.Net wants to be more than a magazine for elderly or just a magazine for older people.

The magazine should be filled with interesting and thought-provoking articles. Whether it’s inspiring stories like the “Amazing Seniors” series, practical advice like the “Pro Team” gives, or in-depth features, the content should captivate and stimulate the minds of its readers.

Community Connection

A great senior magazine will promote a sense of community, highlighting local resources and opportunities for social interaction. Connecting seniors with others who share similar interests and experiences is vital. That is why OurSeniors.Net Magazine promotes the “Lunch and Learn” series of mid-day educational and social gatherings that have become so popular. Each issue of our great magazine for seniors will have information about coming Lunch and Learn events.

Senior Lifestyle and Leisure

Seniors want to enjoy life to the fullest. A great senior publication is more than an assisted living magazine or simply a magazine for senior citizens; it provides insights into travel, hobbies, leisure activities, and ways to make the most of retirement. Whether it’s exploring new destinations, pursuing hobbies, or discovering local events, the magazine should inspire seniors to stay active and engaged. At times, we are an assisted living magazine, helping to find the best accommodation possible for those who prefer it. At other times, we offer entertainment or inspirational content.

Health and Wellness

A great senior magazine must have a strong emphasis on health-related topics. Articles about nutrition, fitness, mental health, and preventive care help seniors stay informed and make intelligent choices. OurSeniors.Net Magazine is very proud of its feature, “Ask Dr.Q,” in which Dr. Steven Quaning, M.D., answers relevant questions submitted by senior readers. Dr. Quaning is a board-certified gerontologist, a specialist in senior healthcare. Gerontologists are trained to manage the chronic medical conditions that affect seniors.  Dr. Q’s contributions to OurSeniors.Net help to make it the best senior magazine you can read!

Financial and Legal Advice

Many seniors are concerned about financial planning, legal issues, and retirement. A magazine that offers insights into personal finance, wealth creation, and retirement planning is highly valuable. OurSeniors Net’s talented group of Senior Pro Team advisors is there to serve the needs of seniors. You will find specialized articles by experts like Mr. Andrew Grant, J.D. Mr. Grant, a Tax-Certified Attorney, is a founding member of the Senior Pro Team. He is uniquely qualified to give expert advice and counsel on tax matters. He is Board Certified in Tax Law by the Florida Bar Association. Board certification is an important credential that recognizes an attorney’s special knowledge, skills, and proficiency in a distinct area of law.

Other expert advice found in our great senior magazine has addressed additional topics essential to seniors, like preplanning funeral arrangements, recognizing and avoiding scams aimed at seniors, or shopping for the best Medicare Advantage coverage.

Quality Information

Reliable and accurate information is crucial to seniors. Magazines with expert contributors ensure that content is trustworthy. Seniors appreciate well-researched articles that address their specific needs. All the vendors who advertise in the OurSeniors.Net Magazine undergo personal vetting by the OurSeniors.Net team and commit to upholding our Code of Ethics. Their mission is to assist seniors in accessing personalized services, products, and necessary care. These approved vendors and providers adhere to the high standards of OurSeniors.Net.

Entertainment and Inspiration

There are other free magazines for senior citizens, but none offer the variety and depth of material contained in OurSeniors.Net Magazine. Recent issues have featured just-for-fun sections like “Winter Fun in Florida” and the inspirational teaching of Andrew Wommack, a charismatic evangelist and founder of Charis Bible College.

What more is there to say? Entertainment, inspiration, quality information, health and wellness information, unbiased professional advice, community involvement, leisure activities and more! These are all elements of a great senior magazine, and OurSeniors.Net  has them all.

Why We Publish

OurSeniors.Net Magazine is published quarterly by a 501 c3, nonprofit organization. This not for profit organization is part of a nonprofit group that includes both OurSeniors.Net and OurSeniors.org. These non profit organizations exist to help seniors throughout Florida. A 501 3 nonprofit organization meets standards set by the U.S. Treasury. A 501 3 c nonprofit organization must adhere strictly to rules enforced by the IRS. 501 c status tells you that this organization is dedicated to service. If your looking for senior print magazine near me just check out our PICK-UP locations. In our case, it is to serve OurSeniors.

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