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Feelings of Isolation in Seniors

As song claims, “One is the Loneliest Number” and that can be alarmingly true for many senior citizens who feel isolated in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Feelings of isolation can be a health hazard. Isolation is known to cause depression, which often leads to other health problems. When people age, their social circle, and often their social skills decline. It is that lack of social interaction that causes the feelings of isolation and depression.

Social interaction decreases in the elderly population for a variety of reasons. Social circles and support networks shrink as family members and close friends pass away or move on. Many senior citizens suffer from hearing deficiencies, making it frustrating to carry on conversations.  Poor vision or faulty cognitive function can mean they are no longer able to drive. Any of these factors can be a culprit in causing feelings of isolation. The problem is compounded when the older person is moved to a nursing home or assisted living facility where they may feel they have been abandoned.

Social interaction is the key to avoiding the feelings of isolation and the subsequent depression. OurSeniors.org seeks to improve this situation in local facilities. OurSeniors.org provides volunteers to visit isolated seniors. A personal visit and an exchange of conversation is often all it takes to save a senior from isolation and depression. Please help us to help somebody who feels isolated.

Health risks associated with isolation and loneliness

As more and more Baby Boomers reach retirement age, the health risks associated with isolation and loneliness have come to light. Annie Dillard, a Pulitzer Prize winning author, once wrote that, “The surest sign of age is loneliness.” There are many reasons that seniors might find themselves in a lonely or isolated situation. As people age, close friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members pass away. Medical and health issues often necessitate people to re-locate to a nursing home or an assisted living facility (ALF). Either of these lifestyle changes can lead to isolation and associated problems for seniors. Declining physical and mental health have been linked to loneliness and isolation. It is also believed that loneliness can lead to declining cognition and eventually dementia.

OurSeniors.org wants to help solve this problem. By volunteering to provide visitation, comfort and love, OurSeniors.org can help to solve this problem. A social visit from a volunteer has the power to change a day of despair into a day of delight.

OurSeniors.org is a new addition to the OurSeniors Family

The OurSeniors family continues growing with the unveiling of ourseniors.org.  OurSeniors.org joins OurSeniors.net and OurSeniorsDiscounts.net in bringing information and assistance to our older generations.

OurSeniors.net provides access to our quarterly magazine along with a directory of reliable vendors providing needs important to seniors today.  The expanding directory of OurSeniors.net is populated with the very best senior-friendly businesses who have undergone careful a screening process to be sure that meet our high standards of honesty and integrity.  From legal representation to real estate to veteran’s services, OurSeniors.net has senior living covered.  Senior news and educational social events such our Brunch and Learn are found at OurSeniors.net, as well as many other compelling topics in our active blog.

OurSeniorsDiscounts.net adds even more value to our network of business providers by offering coupons for their services and a growing community of local vendors.  OurSeniorsDiscounts.net vendors appreciate our seniors and what they have done for us.  Our vendors know that seniors are a growing demographic that are loyal to businesses that treat their customers right.

Our newcomer site, OurSeniors.org, is an organization dedicated to visiting and caring for lonely seniors in assisted living facilities and nursing homes.  We are very excited to get to work with a growing group of staff and volunteers eager to use their talents, time, and efforts to lift the spirits and bring a smile to the face of those who feel like they have been forgotten.  We are there to bring happiness with birthday and holiday gifts, and visits.  Our goal is to build up a local family for those in need.  To meet this goal, we will bring along other visitors and children to spend time with seniors in facilities and bring joy into their lives.  If you are interested in supporting our cause and changing someone’s life for the better, consider a donation for a relative, friend, neighbor, or even a stranger.  All proceeds will go towards supplies and items to share with our visited seniors.

This is your chance to bring happiness and joy to the seniors who have been around for us and have helped throughout our lives. We will leave you with a thought to consider:  How many diapers did your parents change for you when you were a child?