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How to Become a Great Gift Giver

Want to brighten up a senior’s day? Send them a personalized gift this Summer! Research shows that giving a good gift can improve your relationship. Since so many people are long-distance now due to Covid-19, nothing screams “I… Read More


Buying Happiness!

Have you ever heard the phrase “money can’t buy happiness?” If you have, then you probably believed it, but the truth is that we can! If you have ever felt happier after buying your friend a drink or… Read More


Free Phone Service!

Have you been having trouble connecting with your family during this crisis? Is hearing them over the phone nearly impossible? During these difficult times staying connected is more important than ever. If you or a loved one are… Read More


Scammers, Seniors, and the Coronavirus

Seniors stay vigilant; criminals are taking advantage of our community. While the world bands together to stop the spread of the new Coronavirus, swindlers are profiting from the pandemic. Scammers are using fear to exploit worried families by… Read More



Seniors are our unsung heroes. They were our teachers, parents, and revolutionists. Many of these beautiful people live in nursing homes and have no family or friends to support them as they age. Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic… Read More


Elder Abuse Protection

Living in long-term care facilities is rewarding but also has its many challenges. One of the darker difficulties that many seniors face in long-term care is elder abuse. According to the National Council of Aging, about five million… Read More


Thank you all

Thank you to all that participated in surprising Our Seniors at Sandalwood Rehab. Great job by Hogue Ministry and Ourseniors.net and Photographer Jon Keith.

climate change

Seniors Going Green!

Deforestation is spreading, temperatures are rising, and our climate is changing. “Save the earth” is more than buzzwords, it is a global crisis. Climate-warming is due to human activities over the past century, according to NASA. More than… Read More