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Stay in Touch

The number of COVID-19 cases in Florida is rising. If you have a loved one living in a long-term care facility, staying connected now is more important than ever. Please make time to connect. There are plenty of… Read More

There’s a Resurgence

The number of COVID-19 cases in Florida is higher than ever! If you have a loved one living in a long-term care facility, it will be a while before you can visit them in-person. Though a barrier and… Read More


The Anti-inflammatory Diet

Did you know that your diet could be making you sick and age faster? According to a study reported by the US National Library of Medicine, the food you eat has an impact on the amount of inflammation… Read More

Mental Health Monday

Taking care of your mental health during these unprecedented times is a priority! Everywhere we look, there is news about protests, a pandemic, or a recession. To thrive, as Florida continues to re-open, we must make time to… Read More

COVID-19 Care Plan

As Florida continues to re-open, COVID-19 is continuously spreading throughout the United States. Due to the severe risk that the virus poses on the health of seniors, it is critical to have a care plan ready in case… Read More

visit a senior

Do You Honor your Elders?

Have you ever thought about the kind of lifestyle you want to live once you reach old age? Most people hope for a peaceful and fun life filled with family and friends. Sadly, one in five Americans reports… Read More

Connection Through Technology!

It has been weeks since seniors have been at home isolated from their loved ones. Though phase one of Florida’s reopening plan has initiated, senior citizens in long-term care facilities are still not allowed to have any visitors… Read More

FaceTime Virtual Happy Hour!

The news has been full of gloom these past few weeks as we prepped for the peak week of this pandemic. Though staying up to date with the status of the COVID-19 crisis is advisable, it is also… Read More


Goodie Bags!

These past few weeks have been a difficult time for our nation. Our economy has slowed down, and our communities have been isolated. This new version of coronavirus has spread fear around the world. Due to the nature… Read More

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Stretch it Out!

Have you ever heard of cabin fever? Cabin fever is a common reaction that happens after a very long period of isolation within a structure. As the Coronavirus crisis worsens, seniors must protect themselves by staying inside, but… Read More