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Be a Pen Pal and Help a Senior

As the Coronavirus crisis worsens, seniors across our nation are sitting in nursing homes isolated. In hopes of protecting elders from this dangerous virus, states nationwide are prohibiting visits to facilities with a high senior population. Due to… Read More


Compassion Letters

Right now, seniors are sitting in nursing homes isolated and with no physical contact. Because of their age or long-term health problems elders, have a higher risk of getting sick from the coronavirus. This means they have to… Read More


Valentine’s Day in a Nursing Home

Valentine’s Day is meant for everyone, not just couples! This Valentine’s Day visit a nursing home and share some of the love in the air with a senior. Seniors love receiving gifts and visits from family and friends…. Read More

senior in a wheelchair

Volunteering is Great for Your Health

Did you know volunteering is great for your health? According to Harvard Medical School, people who volunteer ward off loneliness and depression. Studies published by Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over 50 who volunteer are less likely… Read More

visit a senior

Family Involvement

Family involvement is vital at every age. A family provides the love and support an individual needs to thrive. Having strong family ties are especially crucial for seniors living in nursing homes. Seniors who have good relationships with… Read More


Book Clubs

Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures. Every good book opens the door to a new life. Books help pass the time and can even be enjoyed as a group. If you are a senior or have a… Read More

Christmas decoration

Decorating Senior Facilities

Decorating for the holidays is traditional and festive. Seniors living in nursing homes do not have as much space or materials to decorate during the holidays, but with a little help and imagination, there is nothing a senior… Read More

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Pets and Seniors

The belief that dogs are man’s best friend, is been embedded in American culture. According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 85 million American families share the same belief. Humans have shared a friendly… Read More

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Hobbies for Seniors

There is an epidemic of depression rising in the United States. According to Blue Cross Blue Shield, reports of depression have risen by 33 percent in the last six years. This epidemic is affecting seniors, especially those living… Read More

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Mixing Child care and Elder care

Children and senior citizens make a great mix. Taking children to visit somebody in a care center is beneficial to both the children and the residents of the facility. When the two generations make a connection, the senior… Read More