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Is It That Bad?

This year has been tough on everyone: the young and the old, the rich and the poor. The stock market crashed, people have fought over toilet paper (out of all things), and millions have been forced to quarantine at home. There was no way of predicting the catastrophic damage COVID-19 would have on the world, but here we are. Even with all the gloom and doom around us, there are still plenty of reasons to be grateful. If you are sitting reading this, then you have a right to be thankful. You are alive, breathing, and able to enjoy another day with the people you love. You have a roof over your head, access to the internet, and functioning eyes. You are blessed. There are people all over the world living in slums worried about this new deadly virus and whether they will have enough food to eat tomorrow. When you think things are in bad shape, others are suffering too. Do your best to find gratitude for the space that you’re in and the opportunity you have to make tomorrow better. Reach out to the people you love, send gifts to your loved ones living in assisted living facilities. But most importantly, tell the people that you genuinely care for that you love them. Now more than ever, keeping up with our communication and letting others know that they matter can help relieve some of the pain we are all living in. Do your part, be grateful, and take advantage of the day. Not all of them are promised. So, keep on showing up for your seniors, and please continue practicing gratitude. This crisis will be over soon enough.

If you have an underlying condition like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or respiratory conditions, shelter in place and stay away from others or busy areas. For the most up-to-date information about the Coronavirus, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

OurSeniors.org is on a mission to reach out to isolated seniors in the local community. Help bring joy to their lives by donating or volunteering to visit a facility. A little mindfulness can go a long way. We hope you enjoy this winter season from our team at OurSeniors.org.