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Seniors Going Green!

Deforestation is spreading, temperatures are rising, and our climate is changing. “Save the earth” is more than buzzwords, it is a global crisis. Climate-warming is due to human activities over the past century, according to NASA. More than 97 percent of the world’s leading scientists agree! Seniors have the power to impact the future by making a few eco-friendly changes. There are about 52 million retired Americans who are 65 and older! The U.S. Census Bureau expects that number to almost double by 2060! Seniors living in nursing homes can impact the world, there is time to change! A few lifestyle modifications will make your space more sustainable and energy efficient.

How to be a little greener in a nursing home:

  • Start a small herb garden indoors or outdoors
  • Use reusable plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Buy a metal straw or do not use straws
  • Let in some fresh air and open your windows or ask for them to be open
  • Encourage staff and residents to recycle
  • Think about your water usage
  • Eat less meat

Every small step towards sustainability is a giant win for future generations! All our seniors can make a positive impact on the environment by adapting any of these tips. Taking care of your environment has positive effects on you as well. Lead the way for seniors and be an example in your community!

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