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Valentine’s Day in a Nursing Home

Valentine’s Day is meant for everyone, not just couples! This Valentine’s Day visit a nursing home and share some of the love in the air with a senior. Seniors love receiving gifts and visits from family and friends. Schedule some time and plan to make someone’s day extra special.

Senior-friendly Valentine gift ideas:

  • Homemade desserts or snacks
  • Handwritten cards
  • Family photos
  • Watch a classic movie or romantic movie
  • Bring Valentine’s Day-themed games
  • Flowers

The best gift you can give them is time. Spending quality time with the people you love is what makes Valentine’s Day special. Whatever gift you can bring will be perfect, because all we truly need is to be loved and remembered. Happy Valentine’s Day.

OurSeniors.org is on a mission to reach out to isolated seniors in the local community. Help bring joy to their lives by donating or volunteering to visit a facility. A little mindfulness can go a long way. We hope you enjoy this winter season from our team at OurSeniors.org.