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Visit a Senior and make their day!

Humans are social animals, even when they become senior citizens. As youngsters in school and as adults in the work world, people are encouraged to interact with others and make friends. But what happens when an older adult is sent to a nursing home or assisted living facility? They find themselves in an unfamiliar environment and living with virtual strangers. The same circumstances that make these facilities the best living option for medical and custodial care, also isolates them. Health issues, such as limited mobility or hearing impairment, can make it difficult to socialize. Some individuals are determined enough to overcome the obstacles and make new friends. Unfortunately, the more common scenario is a senior who feels isolated and hopeless.

Visits to these people can make a huge impact on their mental health. A few minutes of conversation with an elderly person can break up their day, give them something to look forward to, and keep heir mind active. Many researchers believe that the visitor often feels as much benefit as the person receiving the visit. Take the time to visit somebody in one of these facilities to experience the win-win feeling.

OurSeniors.org exists to reach out to those feeling isolated in local facilities. Through donations and volunteer efforts, Ourseniors.org is dedicated to visiting and comforting the elderly population in the community.