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Visiting a Loved One in a Facility

When an elderly person is placed into a nursing home or assisted living facility, an adjustment period takes place for both the resident and their loved ones. Assimilating to a new lifestyle can take some time. Family and friends often struggle with the change and the emotions that come with it. In some cases, families disagree about the arrangement, in other instances there can be feelings of guilt. Sadly, these situations often result in loved ones avoiding a visit to the nursing home or assisted living facility. This leaves the senior feeling abandoned and isolated. With some planning, a visit to an isolated loved one can be both satisfying and enjoyable.

First, determine the best day and time for a visit, when the senior is fresh and rested. Ensure that the timing does not interfere with meal time or other activities. Then, decide on the length of the visit, keeping in mind that a lengthy visit is not necessary, and often may be too tiring for the senior. Even a 15-minute timeframe can brighten the day for someone who feels isolated. If the visit goes well, it can be extended, or planned for another day.

Finally, decide what to talk about during the visit. News of family and friends can be a good conversation starter. Fond memories are another discussion possibility. Avoid negative or stressful issues. Once the visit begins, conversation will flow, and time will fly.

OurSeniors.org seeks to help seniors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities by providing volunteers for visitation. Visit a loved one in a nursing home or assisted living facility, then help us to help somebody who feels isolated in a nursing home or assisted living facility.