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Volunteering is Great for Your Health

Did you know volunteering is great for your health? According to Harvard Medical School, people who volunteer ward off loneliness and depression. Studies published by Carnegie Mellon University found that adults over 50 who volunteer are less likely to develop high blood pressure. Volunteering is proven to be great for the body and the mind. It is also great for our seniors. When people take the time to care and be kind to our seniors the ripples can be felt throughout our community. Seniors who have consistent interactions with volunteers are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s and live long happy lives. If you have some free time, want to make a difference or would like to make new friends, volunteer at a nursing home! It is not only great for seniors; it is healthy for you too.

OurSeniors.org is on a mission to reach out to isolated seniors in the local community. Help bring joy to their lives by donating or volunteering to visit a facility. A little mindfulness can go a long way. We hope you enjoy this winter season from our team at OurSeniors.org.