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grandma reading to child

Mixing Child care and Elder care

Children and senior citizens make a great mix. Taking children to visit somebody in a care center is beneficial to both the children and the residents of the facility. When the two generations make a connection, the senior and the child both feel a sense of purpose. The practice of visiting helps seniors who may otherwise feel lonely or isolated. The visit can also help to fill a void for a child who has no grandparents in close proximity.

When a child care center is located in a nursing home, the opportunities for visitation and social interaction are limitless. That is exactly what intergenerational centers have discovered. The concept of mixing two generations is not a new one–families have traditionally had multiple generations living in the same house. Now that people live longer, there are more seniors living in facilities for longer periods of time. They often feel lonely and isolated. The regular contact and interaction with children helps alleviate those feelings. The children also benefit when the child care center is combined with a nursing home. Many families live far away from grandparents, so the children seldom have the opportunity to visit them. The intergenerational center has an environment that facilitates relationships between the two generations.

Several communities have seen various forms of intergenerational centers in recent years. When the seniors and the children are given the opportunity to interact, both sides see success. In some places, an existing nursing home has opened a child care center on their premises. In other places, children are taken to visit a nursing home as a weekly outing. Whatever kind of interaction and activities are planned, the seniors and the children both benefit.

For those who do not have loved ones nearby for visitation, OurSeniors.org was established to help provide the important social visits for residents of facilities. Volunteer or donate to help correct this problem that can so easily be resolved.